Soya cake

The product soya cake is obtained by soya seeds processing. Herewith the method of extruding and pressing is used and as a result we get the product high in protein, minerals and microelements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and zinc.

Using soya cake for poultry and cattle breeding we can achieve high rates of feeding with low production costs.

To identify the fodder value of soya cake we take into consideration the next indicators:

  • high energy value,
  • comprehensibility
  • a full set of essential amino acids,
  • high in protein,
  • presence of residual fat


Physico-Chemical Indexes Cake Index by DSTU 27149-95 Actual value of our product
1. Mass fraction of crude protein,%, no less 42,5 42,5-44,5
2. Mass fraction of crude roughage in fatless product  в,%, no more 7,0 6,5
3. Mass fraction of moisture and light substances,%, no more 7,0 – 10,0 7,5 – 8,5
4. Mass fraction of residual fat, %, no more 8,0 6,0 – 7,0
5. Activity urease 0,1-0,3 0,15


Comparative characteristics of the main parameters of soy-bean oil cake

The main advantages of using soy-bean oil cake:

  • To increase a gain of live weight of broilers and pigs 25-30 %;
  • To increase egg-laying of hens by 25-30 %;
  • To lower the general charge of forages of a unit of product;
  • To improve the intake and assimilation of the fodder.