Soya oil


Soya oil is the product of pressing crushed soybeans that stands out for the highest biological activity among other kinds of vegetable oil and by virtue of what it’s absorbed by the body for 98%.

As soya oil is received by pressing without application of organic solvents so it is vitamin-rich and contains phospholipids and other useful substances.

It is all because soya oil contains:

  • essential unsaturated fatty acids,
  • tocopherol which is a natural antioxidant
  • lecithin,
  • a record amount of vitamin E1 (tocopherol)
  • valuable protein.


Our oil meets the requirements by DSTU 4534: 2006 “Soya oil unrefined, not packed.”


Physico-Chemical Indexes Oil Index by DSTU 4534: 2006 Actual value of our product
1. Acid number mg KOH/g, no more 1,5 1.1
2. Mass fraction of moisture and light substances,%, no more 0,3 0,11
3. Colour number, mg, no more to R205 70 57
4. Mass fraction of phosphate,%, no more 4 2,7
5. Peroxide number mol/kg, no more 1,5 to 1,1