We carry out the purchase of commodity soybeans for cashless payments with advantageous conditions for agricultural producers (suppliers).

All figures of soybean commodity should meet DSTU 17109-88, particularly:

  • Moisture max 12%.
  • Maintenance of oil impurity max 6%.
  • Profit in moist matter min 30%.
  • Trash max 2%.

We buy soybean in lots of 20 tonnes either self-directed export (EXW) or delivery to the warehouse of the Company.

Drying and completion of soybean

Our company effects Drying and completion of soybean without any extra charge as well as the cost of receiving, handling and shipment.

Also we suggest completion of soybean to meet State Standard for the price of the cost of expenses of our company for energy carriers, providing foreclosure amount accepted goods for completion.

We reserve for ourselves the possibility of ransom “in future” for formed by the market price.

 Storage soybean

Free services in storage of soybeans.

The only condition under which the storage service is not paid is a preferred redemption of soybean “in future” for the market price prevailing at the moment of the transaction. The guarantee of fulfillment of engagements by our Company on purchase of soya “in future” is the bank guarantee issued to the supplier for the agreed amount.